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Imagine Yourself Leading or Attending Uplifting and Empowering Mini-Workshops!

Meet Monica Graves!  Monica is a brand-new Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader who has taken the concept of the mini-workshop to the workplace.  My favorite moment of her interview was when Monica  shared the following words with me.  "I asked my boss, 'Who would have thought that we would be doing guided meditation in the workplace?'  His response was, 'You did Monica, you did.' "

When Monica returned home from her certification training in November 2016 she reviewed the Money and Consciousness workshop material she had received.  She enthusiastically thought, ''I need to tell people about this; it will change the way they think about money!"  And tell people she did.  Monica hit the ground running and held a workshop in December with 38 participants.  She jokingly adds, "I only had 40 chairs, so that worked out!  People were saying that it was just what they needed - a 'positive' money mindset."   Monica held the same workshop in January, 2017 with 35 participants and  has 5 more scheduled for 2017.

Monica's favorite part of teaching the Money and Consciousness workshop is the guided meditation.  "I could just see people's enthusiasm. After the meditation, as people shared, they found that they were not alone.  We all have negative messages, the same self-talk and doubts.  It was a real eye-opener for us all that no matter how separate we think they are, deep down we are all the same."

After the workshop, people shared with Monica that they could see her on a circuit, teaching workshops, sharing positive thought techniques and leading even more people to have a healthier relationship with money.  For now, Monica is teaching out of 2 studios in addition to her profession as an award-winning realtor.  Monica's joyfulness could be heard when she declared, "When other people see the vision for you, it builds you up to go places you might never have imagined."  We can be certain the Monica has found her vision and has her sights set on success.
Drew Schnieder - Your Castle Real Estate

"Your Money and Consciousness Class was great! My wife and I went together. It was a profound learning experience!