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           "I am Willing to Learn

             Something New Everyday!"
           Louise L. Hay

About Me

Monica Graves has been on a Spiritual Quest since 1993, when she gave birth to her first born child and wanted to help make the world a better place for her son. She was reading many spiritual books and attending many spiritual courses.  She read the book, You can "Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay in 1999, after experiencing a terrible disease called Esophagitis, where she had 22 ulcers caused from so much stress at her job.  She decided to quit her job and take a couple years off to explore life and to heal her life.  In the Heal Your Life Book, the emotional connection to ulcers is Worry and Extreme Fear, a strong belief that you are not good enough. Monica now understands that in order for her to heal, she must affirm daily  " Life Loves Me"  "I love and approve of myself"." I am at Peace". "All is well". Now Monica's life is filled with abundance, she has two healthy children, a 30 year marriage to her soul mate, is a successful Realtor and teaches Mindset classes to other Real Estate agents and supports them as a business and life coach.  She decided to become a Heal Your Life workshop leader, to help others on their quest to heal. She currently offers Heal Your Life Workshops in  Denver, Golden, and Winter Park Colorado.  If you are interested in attending one of her workshops - please email monicawgraves@gmail.com